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Darrow Chemical Company – A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue – out October 4!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

We’ve been helping Darrow Chemical Co. with their upcoming release, providing the art and layout, and online advertising materials. You can pre-order the disc here:

So show you’ve got good taste in music by sharing the following banners on your websites, Facebook, etc. To include them, just copy the code snippets in the boxes the banner you’d like to post, and paste it into your own pages, blog posts, forums…

11×17 Poster Ad:

You can click on the poster art below here to download a print ready PDF. Dimensions are 11×17, 150 dpi.

Church for Sinners – Of Prayers and Pestilence out now!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

“Think there’s nothing good in music anymore? Think rock is dead? Then you need to get your ass to church, my friend. Worship in the Church for Sinners.”

Brian Keene, author of The Rising

* * *

The long awaited full length from Church for Sinners is out now, and the ‘Sinners are on the road this month taking it to the masses along the west coast.

It came to our attention after the master was sent out to press that the track listing as indicated by the band versus that of the master disc had a couple out of order. To avoid potential confusion, the correct track list is as follows:

1. Misery
2. City Of The Dead
3. Kiss The Rose
4. Lady Killer
5. Black Hearts Rejoice
6. In The Graveyard
7. Headless
8. Paris After Dark
9. Seaside Suicide
10. When Tomorrow Ends
11. Southern Belle
12. Nightlife
13. Summer Broken
14. A Finger Hold In Death’s Embrace
15. The Hymn
16. Hidden Track – Desperation Proof

Sound of Horror sightings!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Sound of Horror has been spotted creeping into stores! To hell with health care reform, this is the real news. Our humble upstart has finally breached the barricades and can be found in Hot Topic (and many other) stores.

Now we cant guarantee they’re in every store as reports are varied, but here’s the deal, show your support for horror music and help all horror bands gain their market share. The first step is here and now.

If you haven’t already checked it out, visit for all the details on this release, and news for the next in the Sound of Horror series.

You can also show your support for the Sound of Horror by adding banners to your site and send people in the right direction. Links and banners can be found here:

The Sound of Horror – Vol. 1

Saturday, August 1st, 2009
We’re proud to announce our first compilation CD, out March 16th. The Sound of Horror is the first in our series of compilations, bringing forth the best in horror music.

Wait.. it gets better.

On The Sound of Horror compilations you’ll find rare, alternate or even unreleased material that you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll get more than you bargained for – punk, metal, psychobilly and more!

After much refining, the final track list is:
1. Church for Sinners – Paris After Dark
2. Gotham Rd. – On My Way
3. Grave Robber – Altered States
4. Stellar Corpses – My Shadow
5. 800 Octane – Ultravixens
6. Horrorwood Ending – Ready to Die
7. The Epidemic – As Corpse Vanish
8. The B Movie Monsters – Hollywood Vampires
9. Gruesome Boys – Renfield Wants A Kitten…
10. Dead Vampires – City of Vampires
11. The Horrorgans – Through These Veins
12. Johnny B. Morbid – Will Kill For Food
13. Koffin Kats – Laws of Sanity
14. Ghoul Patrol – Gut Rotting Riot
15. Blitzkid – Love Like Blood
16. Sono Morti – Eye for an Eye
17. The Deep Eynde – We Don’t Care About You
18. HadesMachine – In The Blood
19. The Vladimirs – Zombie Eyed Youth
20. The Spook – Boneman
21. Monster Party – Existential Displacement
22. American Werewolves – The Lonely Ones
23. Dead Pleasures – Bones
24. The Ghost Storys – Space Metal


Available at Hot Topic stores nationwide! Available at! Available at Robot Monster's own online store, Necropolis! Image Map